Our clients enjoy tremendous success – whether in our own commercial development in five states, investment real estate in mid America, or a premiere retail location in the Midwest or across the nation. We actually enjoy more retail brokerage income than the combined retail brokerage volume of all other retail brokers in a three state area. Our team of highly qualified brokers specializes in locating commercial real estate in the Midwest, as well as top retail sites for clients nationwide.

Because we are a leading real estate developer in the Midwest, Buyers Realty gives our clients an edge when looking locally and regionally. Our membership in Chain Links gives us that edge nationwide. Our reputation for successful commercial development as well as our unparalleled resources in locating premiere investment real estate in the Midwest makes us an obvious choice when our clients are looking for prime retail locations in the Midwest. Our reputation for securing that same caliber of property nationwide through our network of resources makes us their choice nationwide.

We assess our client’s needs, research the markets that are of interest, analyze all the factors involved in the decision-making process, and then develop creative strategies to achieve our client’s goals.