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Tim Rypma’s story is both fascinating and inspiring. See how his dream of changing the face of Des Moines became a reality. He couldn’t have done it without his life experiences which led him from Iowa City, to Montana and finally Mt. Everest.  

“In Nepal, I learned in order to be successful, I would have to immerse myself in the things I wanted to achieve. I wasn’t going to learn through books. I was going to learn through experiences,” said Tim Rypma in “Living Details” magazine.

After Mt. Everest, an internship and unwavering persistence, he started the beginning of what is now the East Village in Des Moines. Read <more> to get the full story. 

Tim has been a broker with
Buyers Realty, Inc., since 2012.

5/18/2017 | Filed under: Brokers East Village
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